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Polyvalley Multi-wall waved sheet

Developed by Polyvalley, the waved sheet is a new polycarbonate sheet with advantages as high light transmit, easy-shaped, heat isolation, high load impact etc. The waved sheet have very small bending radius, thus can be rolling packed. It is very suitable for skylight, carport, greenhouse and so on.

Main Features

Very small bending radius, can be rolling packed, suitable for transportation.

Small Expansion and Contraction, it can be made as longer as required.

High light transmission: can be over 85%, very suitable for greenhouse.

Very high impact resistance: With waved structure, its load and strength is as 2 or 3 times high as normal flat sheet.

Good weatheability: with UV layer on the surface, the waved sheet can keep its high light transmission for many years without yellowing.

Easy and lower cost installation: the two sheets can be connected directly with its waved structure. Not only easy and lower cost for installation but also water-proofed


Thickness: 2mm

Modular Width: 1220mm

Effective Width: 1220mm


Length: no limited (rolling packed)

Color: Clear, blue, green, opal (can be any as required)

Structurer: two-wall


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