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4-wall R-structure
5-wall X-structure
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Solid Corrugatged sheet
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Position: Sales Manager for Russia Area

Job Description:
1) Implement annual and monthly sales plan to achieve export sales targets.
2) Explore overseas market for current and future business opportunities.
3) Maintain present customers and develop new clients and agents.
4) Review and approve export orders and major quotations from clients.


Job Requirements:

1. Fluent Russian and good English both spoken and written. Russian natives are welcome.

2. University degree in international trade, marketing and other related professionals;

3. More than a 1 year export-related polycarbonate experience preferred but not obligatory.

4. Familiar with international trade-related business processes, quick thinking, good communication and presentation skills, strong sense of responsibility, with a strong market analysis, marketing and problem-solving abilities

5. With a strong sense of professionalism ,serious, responsible, quick thinking, and a strong team spirit;

6. Good professional ethics and quality, can withstand the strong pressure of work.


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