Polycarbonate multi-wall sheet
2-wall R-structure
3-wall R-structure
4-wall R-structure
5-wall X-structure
7-wall R-structure
10-wall double X-structure
Polycarbonate U-system panel
4-wall R-structure
5-wall X-structure
Polycarbonate Corrugated sheet
Multi-wall Corrugated sheet
Solid Corrugatged sheet
Waved sheet
Polycarbonate solid sheet
Ultrathin solid sheet
Universal solid sheet
Reinforced solid sheet
Anti-scratch solid sheet
Frosted solid sheet
Embossed solid sheet
Diffusion solid sheet
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Polyvalley corporate culture

●People oriented: People oriented is the core of our corporate culture. Polyvalley will always resistant in the idea of people oriented and pay attention to personal training.

●Customer oriented: Customer oriented is the soul of our corporate culture Polyvalley will always resistant the ideal of customer oriented and take improving quality service and enterprise credit as our long term strategy.

●Persevere in innovation: Innovation is premise of our sustained development. We will take the tradition of self innovation and give continual investment on R&D and manufacturing of PC area

Requirement for company employee

Respect others and maintain company image whenever and wherever possible.
Keep smile and patient for complain. Don’t Shirk responsibility, solving problems for customer and others positively.
Think about problem by taking the position of others   
Possess prospective services idea, keep the problems nip in the bud
With team work sprit and be ready and happy to help others
Keep learning and improving ability.

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